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Thread: what foundation should one focus on?

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    I have a manual in storage, my left side is weak and would hinder my independence, I can do a lot for myself from the power chair, drive to work, work ect. But I think it would be good to get in the manual chair and work on things. Please share effective things I could work on in my manual chair

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    Quote Originally Posted by abacoian View Post
    Please share effective things I could work on in my manual chair
    washing dishes?
    Folding clothes?

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    It sounds as if you're at the very beginning with core strength. Here's a beginning exercise you can do in bed. Lay on your back., arms at sides. Then, move one arm down your leg, towards your foot, concentrating on the abs. Now, pull your arm up to the original position. Do as many as you can, then do the other arm. You should notice your trunk shifting as you do the exercises, small movements, following your arm. This is baby steps. As you strengthen, do more repititions, bring your arm across your body instead of down the leg, add hand weights. Most importantly, concentrate on making your obliques work, not your shoulders. This should give you some idea of how successful you could be with ab exercises. Always start small and work up. Don't let yourself get frustrated too easily. Your body won't strengthen at the same rate as before your injury. Is it possible to get some therapy sessions with a PT that understands your kind of injury? They could assess you and help you get started.

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