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Thread: what foundation should one focus on?

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    what foundation should one focus on?

    incomplete in a power chair. Can exercise arms and legs while in chair and I want to exercise and push all of my potential. But where should I start, what do I need to get a handle on that will benefit and support all other functions and movements? And what are some simple yet effective exercises that will produce change and results? Thank you guys.

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    thinking about this I wonder if we could learn from babies. After my sci and now the easiest common place is for someone to help me get in my wheelchair for the day so I can be most independent during the day, and that's not a bad thing. But a baby learns the fundamentals step by step, please see this short video and article and share your thoughts if working on these things would benefit someone with sci or be a waste of good time.

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    Your premise is one of the fundamental tenets at Project Walk...reintroducing Developmental Activities (i.e. rolling, sitting up, hands and knees, standing, walking) as stimulus for nervous system reorganization.

    To your initial post I would argue that core strength/function will benefit all other movements.

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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    It can be daunting. My method was to cycle through things. My advice on where to start. Abs/Core are huge and you will need them at whatever level you are trying to improve whether that be wheelchair or walker or crutches.

    I tried to concentrate on functional goals and tried to work myself to achieve them. By functional I mean getting into the shower/bathroom using a walker or standing in the kitchen to cooking. Maybe even getting out of your chair so you can butt bump up and down stairs.

    Then keep build from those functional gains.

    Therapy skates are great for exercising muscles that have a hard time moving against gravity.

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    So Snowman, the list that you mentioned, is there one that should be step 1?

    Yes MFlounlacker I struggle with the daunting of it. I've started sitting on the edge of the bed before I go to bed with my feet on the ground and leaning forward and sitting back and concentrate on my back / between shoulder blades. And putting a pillow behind me I lean back and then struggle to sit up. Sometimes I can't do it without pulling on my pants leg but it's a start. And the I lean side to side practicing balance. I can't get on the floor by myself so for the moment this is step 1 of hopefully improving my core. Please share suggestions.

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    The sitting on the edge of the bed is a good one. for sit ups I would sit up against the wall and progressively slide my butt away from the wall to increase the difficulty. I used a bed ladder and wrapped around my foot for assistance.

    Yoga stretches on your stomach are great and bridges.

    My first step was getting to the floor. Then I progressed to kneeling and crawling. Kneeling is a good way to work your balance. Not far to fall.

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    when you first got on the floor what did you work on and did you ever feel like giving up?

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    First off getting to the floor is easy. Lol! I am a T12 so I was able to get to the floor easy enough. Getting back in the chair is the tricky part.

    I worked my back and abs which you can work at the same time (crunches and sit ups on your back and then flip to stomach for arches. I did scapula and chest exercises with dumbells and then did all my stretching. Then I worked my legs with my therapy skates. Then I did bridges. I added to this as I improved.

    I never thought about giving up. I still don't as I am far from recovered fully physically. The trick to never giving up is to set your goals around functional things that will make your life easier or more fulfilling. They are easier to achieve than the longer term goals which we all have.

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    Thank you, great advice! I'm working on figuring out which exercises / steps I need to do to start and also how exactly to do them. Thank you for your wisdom

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    How about a manual wheelchair?

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