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Thread: Enemeez vs. Vacuant

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    Enemeez vs. Vacuant

    In the past, I've ordered Enemeez Plus, direct but was told by my local pharmacy and med supply they keep it in stock, same price. My husband went Tuesday and was told it had to be special ordered for next day pick-up, @ $99.99, 30 day supply. Since I am out of Enemeez, we had no choice but order it, however they ordered and sold him Vacuant. Since the jar looks the same, he didn't notice the difference.

    If I open the jar, I can't return it, and I can't find another supplier in town so I'm stuck with it. I assume it is not the equivalent of the Enemeez "plus"? Hope it works since insurance doesn't pay. Ah, the crap we put up with, (pun intended)!
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    Vacuant is being sold as the same thing, but we have had major complaints about it not working as well as Enemeez, so it is not equivalent. In addition, we have had several cases of rectal trauma and bleeding (one very serious) from the ragged tip on the Vacuant tube that results with you twist off their tab to open it, unlike the smooth surface found on the Eneemez tube.

    Please try to get the Enemeez only, and if you experience either less effectiveness, or trauma with the Vacuant, ask your provider or pharmacist to help you file an FDA Adverse Drug Event report. If they get enough of these, the FDA will investigate and may ask the drug company for Vacuant to do more studies or provide more information proving both the safety and effectiveness of their product.


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    Hmm, the W. Rox VA uses them interchangeably, should I complain to the Pharmacy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donno View Post
    Hmm, the W. Rox VA uses them interchangeably, should I complain to the Pharmacy?
    Yes, if you can identify that the Vacuant is not working as well, or if you have experienced rectal trauma. You may also want to let your PVA NSO know about this.


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