I'm 15 and in 2 months I'm going to be 16. I have had TM for 10 years. Lately my feet and legs have been cramping up really badly, and it doesn't go away for 10 minutes, so I'm just sitting here crippled, because I can even drag myself out of bead to get ice. I was lucky enough one time to have my boyfriend over, for him to grab ice and massage it out for me. It wasn't a pretty scene, I was screaming in pain, the worst pain I've ever had with it. He was terrified, and so was I. I've never really had anything like that, ankle pains, and bad knees, but never muscle spasms so bad that they contract into my foot and my bones show through. Has anybody ever experienced anything like this? I've also been having bad neck/back pain, to the point where sometimes it hurts to get up. I had been going to the chiropractor for it, but stopped when I got into high school. Is there anything that I can do to make the pain go away? It getting a bit rediculus for me.