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Thread: I need advice for portable hand controls

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    Question I need advice for portable hand controls

    I am in a situation where I plan to spend several weeks in England. I hope to either rent a car or maybe buy an older car but in any case I will need hand controls. British car companies use lynx controls but I find them a little weird and am worried about pushing both gas and brake at the same time (although it did not happen once i was used to them)
    What would people recommend for a portable hand control - especially for a right hand drive car?
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    Hey Icarus. I think I have used every model of portable hand controls including tennis rackets, bathroom plungers and a few other hazardous types. I have used the lynx and like you say, okay once you get used to them but quite fatiguing on long drive. My preferred temps are these
    I hope that link works!
    First time I ever had any dilemma with these was on my 2012 Scion. The throttle on some new cars is a one piece injection molded pedal and pedal arm in one making the pedal to thick to get a grip on! That aside, these controls have always felt the safest and easy to use for me. Hope this helps with your search.
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    I use the sportaid ones on several cars, an atv, and tractors at work, though they are now gonna be in my second car for quite a while. it wouldn't matter where side of the car you drive from.

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    Ya, those ones listed on ebay are great, they look just like the PHC ones I use which I've had great luck with and are selling at a really good price. I just used mine today to drive my mothers car down to the car dealership to get some work done on it for her.
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    I use PHC-3 controls too. As already mentioned, you can just flip them for right hand side cars. Not something I would like to use on a "permanent" basis but they work as advertise. You probably won't have any issues considering your level of injury.

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