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Thread: Nerve pain worse - suggestions?

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    Sledgrl. are you having problems with swelling in your feet? If you are, that can also cause the burning to be more intense.

    All you can do is try different meds to see what works for you. One thing my neuro surgeon has me take, and he has done this since my first surgery in 2006, is 200mg of vitamin B-6. My pain is so chronic and progressive, that quite honestly I don't even know if it does any good, but I keep on taking it.

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    I'm new to this forum thing, in fact, this will be my first post, that is, if I don't delete it.
    I'm getting the idea, after reading through the posts, that everyone is in pain. I haven't taken pain medicine since 2010, I lost my insurance. I'm back seeing a Doc-In-The-Box, they want me to see a Neuro. I am taking 3200 milligrams of Neurontin a day, but my memory is taking a nosedive. I'm trying to stay strong. But I CAN'T STAND THE PAIN ANY LONGER!! Any suggestions? Acupuncture?

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