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Thread: Wanting to move....

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    Id move back if I could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SequinScandal View Post
    The question is not if but when. Thanks for the advice. I was in SD but I would more than likely be moving to Los Angeles since that is where me and my friends schools are.
    Your schools? If you are already a student then you should be able to get the 30 day residency requirement waived, except maybe school fees for a semester, and get on any low cost housing and MediCal lists now. Definitely call the nearest ILC and find out how to arrive and get housed and cared for if needed. Both states are about equally bankrupt at the moment so state benefits will be about as tight as I've heard from friends who are Flatlanders...
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    The school you want to attend may have someone who can assist you with all this.
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    Sounds like a great idea to move. You don't want to regret not doing something like this.
    Heard the Berkely Center for Independent Living is quite active...folks there, along with those in NYC and Boston, started the independent living and civil rights movement of disabled persons back in early 70's.
    Also, as someone mentioned, get information from the college you plan to attend - the disabled students office.
    Best of luck to you!

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    I sent you a private message .
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    Find a way to make the move. Even if it becomes a real struggle once relocated in 20 years you will remember it as a great adventure which it is.

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