Meet Jayde, a wheelchair user who decided she needed to make some changes and lose weight. She has lost 43lbs already!! Awesome! But she has quite a way to go...

When I first became disabled (In July of 2008) I thought my "life" was over. Sure I was alive, but what the heck did it matter when I couldn't DO anything I loved anymore? But I have found my way!
I hope you will be with me through my journey. I intend to talk about the challenges I am conquering, the weight I am losing and what inspires me. Through this blog perhaps there is someone out there that might read my words... maybe you are out there now in mourning for what was. Maybe you will feel your body stir just a bit at the thought of getting out there again. Maybe you will be ready soon to take your life back and make the most of it. OR maybe you already ARE out there doing it and can encourage ME to continue to push when I have a bad day, when I see my old run club dashing down the road and a tear slips out, when I just feel like I can't push on.

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