LadyT, being a native California let me welcome you to the state not that it's much of a state to come to anymore.

Like most of you I've been coming to this website for a while posting my problems, complaints and worries at times doing it so often it's as if it's become an obsession.
However for the most part my SCI brothers and sisters on here are the only ones who can understand what I'm going through. My poor mother has watched and listened to me suffer and complain to the point where it drives her mad. I know she isn't mad at me just the situation and that nobody's been able to help me. I can't help but feel like a burden if I don't feel like doing something or if I complain.

Don't get me wrong she doesn't make me feel this way it's me and my head it's as f**#ed up any more as my body. Four months ago I was writing a goodbye letter to my loved ones thinking that this summer would be my last. I never finished it knowing I couldn't do that to my family and friends. So I will go on suffering until my time is up and in meantime I'll continue to pray we all find some relief SOON!!!

Thank you ALL for listening to me I just wish you were in a position where you didn't have to. . Take care