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Thread: Streaming a TV signal

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    Streaming a TV signal

    The house I live in has a cottage and picks up the Wi-Fi and cordless phone easily. My VoIP has 2 lines so I put the 2nd line on the cordless phone (it also feeds the doorbell intercom and fax modem).

    Don’t have cable TV, though the cottage has a dish. How could I stream the dish or tuner box or TV signal onto the intranet so it could be used?

    How can the media be streamed from the TV device or its source back to my intranet? Any suggestion?

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    Not sure if this can be used on a local network. But it can stream over the Internet.

    Edit. Did some reading on it and yes it looks like you can stream over your local network
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    Had sling box on a Dish system, and it worked well.

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