I have a client at the facility where I work who has an Anoxic Brain Injury. His parents are going to have him get botox injections for many of the muscles in his upper extremities to try to loosen them up to see if he can get more use out of his arms. His father said they have not had much success with botox before, but now that he is doing intensive exercise and rehabilitation (both in and outside of our facility) they think the botox might make a difference.

My question is, is there a standard scale that is used to measure the functionality of someone with a brain injury, anoxic or otherwise? We have our own evaluation system at our facility but all it really measures is voluntary strength at each joint in the body, which is hard to get for someone like this client because he has so many contractures to begin with.

I know that spinal cord injury has things like the WISCI scale, Funtional Independence Measure, and the NRN evaluation system. If anyone could steer me towards a standard functional test for those with anoxic brain injuries that would be a big help so we could do pre- and post-botox evaluations.