Just discovered forums cc/rci & wonder if you guys have some pointers

I have been using Powerchairs for last 15+ years. I haven't had functional manual backup in at least 10. I need manual i can live in too for travel & back up. Also looking like replacing power will be special kind of nightmare & can't be sure what i have will fully survive the replacement saga.

Hoping for something like per4max Lightening Just discovered hub locks

Am I crazy to Think about SureLocks? (ADI would be dream but...)

As CP Quad, i have about 90% & 50% hand use respectively

I got my first manual chair as little kid when i still used walker. I didn't know it didn't fit. I was pretty much strong armed in to the next two,

This one will be all me & private pay I need it to be right be livable for days at a time with little or no assistance,

What do I need to mindful of going from power to manual life?