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Thread: you know that feeling?

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    you know that feeling?

    when you try to move your legs and you swear you can feel a contraction?

    then you ask someone if they could feel it and they give you that Gary Coleman diffrent strokes look?

    Everyone thinks ur crazy but you feel a buzz or contraction in the legs?

    wtfffff...and its not that bs phantom limb either. you know its happening
    for me its mostly in the left thighs.

    has anyone dealt with this and changed the mind of a doubting Thomas?

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    I have peripheral neuropathy...Yes that type of feeling is always there. I can stand but certain activities just can't happen...Like standing from a sitting position unaided


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    Just keep trying to move.

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    cbdives, ive never heard of it manifest itself that way...then again im still bound to the chair. i'm a c6 inc., 11 months post

    and MFlounlacker, everyday. its just frustrating when ur the only one that feels things moving, or trying to at least

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    Keep working at it, ER. Even if others don't feel what you're sensing, it is your reality. All you need is a flicker and you can work with that. Work what you can and stay limber. You're still pretty early-on and you never know what might happen.

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