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Thread: Can someone adapt to pain?

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    Can someone adapt to pain?

    I am both affected by spinal cord injury, I had cuada equina syndrome and I am also a biology major. I was speaking with my proffesor Martin Garcia and he said that the body cannot adapt to pain. I feel that I can adapt to pain through studying and being in the flow zone. I was wondering what Dr. Young thinks.

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    No. And while I think the world of Doc Wise it is like asking a deaf man to describe the sound of a nightingale.

    Perhaps a minor ache but SCI neuro or Central Pain. Impossible


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    what is the 'flow zone' ?

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    I have had neuropathic pain since the moment I woke up after a botched fusion surgery. Have I adapted enough 9 yrs. later that I forget about? Simply heck no!. With drugs to reduce the pain to a slow simmer, I have adapted to being able to lead a normal as possible life while riding my chair.
    At times I can joke about the constant pins and needles. Other times I just grimace and roll on. Adaptation is a mental state rather than physical.

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    If by adaptation you mean adjusting to changing conditions to produce a higher level of functionality - then, yes - most definitely. People can learn to cope with almost any stressor. They can also redefine the experience. But constant extreme pain can make it extremely difficult to gain control of your adaptive resources.

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    Ppl adapted to being lab rats in Nazi camps but it wasn't an ideal life.

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    This puppy hasn't, or I'd have made a life like you all.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Sorry to disagree but they survived until they died, I don't think that is adapting.

    Geez Betheny I don't think I've ever disagreed with you before


    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    Ppl adapted to being lab rats in Nazi camps but it wasn't an ideal life.

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    Adapt to pain? That is a very good question. Sort of like asking if you can leapfrog some of the stages in death and dying. In general, with CP, I can't lessen the pain, but I can find the best sedation providing meds. Is that adapting? I don't really think you can adapt to pain, since it is waiting for you each day and it is still pain, still just as potent, and still a brick wall.

    However, you can learn to accept less out of life in the areas you were pursuing and attempt to find meaning in other areas. You can also learn how to modify your environment to make things as bearable as possible.
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    I think you can adapt in the sense of raising your pain tolerance, for what levels of pain you're still able to function during. Someone who doesn't have chronic pain may be completely knocked down by pain that a chronic pain patient barely bats an eye at. I don't think that makes it any more acceptable to be in that level of pain though, for example Drs telling patients to just deal with it or they'll get used to it.

    Even among those who suffer from chronic pain there is a huge variety. A person only knows whats within their own frame of reference. I have no idea what central pain feels like. One time a woman with the same condition as me posted about how when her pain is at her "absolute worst" she has to sleep through it, because there's nothing else she can do. I can't imagine being able to sleep at my worst, I hit the complete inability to sleep well before I reach my 10 on the pain scale.
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