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Thread: Remote Control Lawnmower

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    Remote Control Lawnmower

    My father and I built a remote-controlled robot that I use to pull a flail mower with to cut the grass. it was built with some scrap steel I had laying around (a street sign and some angle iron) and I used two wheelchair motors with a sabertooth 2x25 motor controller. I used a radio controller from one of my planes to control it. the tracks are from a snowblower that I bought from craigslist for $200. i plan on selling the snowblower once i get the wheels for it. its cool because i was able to take the tracks off and now i can put tires on and still use it.
    theres a few design mistakes we made that makes the robot wheelie but we were trying to make it so the mower would pivot 360 degrees around the robot. basically so i could turn the mower around 180 degrees and face the mower and drive forward and the mower would follow the robot and turn behind the robot. hope thats understandable. we will fix it by lowering the hitch.

    We are in the progress of building a larger unit that I will mount the flail mower to the front of it. I bought a Honda power carrier that was not running just for the tracks. It actually had a bent valve which my dad fixed and now it runs great. I plan on selling the motor and gearbox to someone that may want parts. We cut the tracks off the frame and we will make our own frame about 3 to 4 feet wide and mount a motor with a hydraulic pump on it. The pump will drive two hydrostatic motors for the tracks. I plan on putting a category one three-point hitch on the front with a hydraulic lift which I will mount the mower to. For right now I believe we are going to keep he motor on the mower but I would like to convert it over to a hydraulic motor if I have enough flow through my hydrostatic pump system. i will keep the progress documented and post as we go. its sort of at a stand still but i am trying to push my dad to keep moving.

    I've attached a few pictures
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    Sweet! Good redneck engineering -- File a patent.

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    LOL. yeah we all need to adapt to our situations. i used to love cutting the grass and now i can. they already have remote control lawnmowers but the one that my newer model will be like cost $60000 if you were to buy one. CRAZY!! i never would spend that much. it will be a total of maybe $2000 after i buy parts. i bought the honda power carrier for $600 i am using the engine and hydraulics from a mower i had and i just need the electronics and misc. parts.

    this is the $60000 mower


    then theres the ones that are for the average user

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    I was thinking about getting one from here:

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