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    My SmartDrive

    I got mine slightly used from a members ad here. The poster said there was some concern from others about the warranty being transferable. I wasn’t worried.

    It came last week, but since I broke the mounting bracket switching chairs I have very limited use with it so far. One thing I noticed was the charger did not seem to work correctly in that the green light wouldn’t come on unless I turned the charger over. That made no sense unless a relay was sticking.

    I got to talking again with the seller to find out when he got the unit which was only like three months ago. He said he had since heard from his supplier that the warranty is transferable. And that seems correct as there is nothing written in the warranty about limiting it to the original purchaser.

    So I called Max Mobility. Nice friendly chat ending with pack it all up we will send you a shipping label. Not sure why they need the motor, but I haven’t got the label yet, so maybe they are rethinking how much really needs to be sent back and forth.

    Earlier I saw some comments about cutting out or turning off. I experienced that too and there is a reason for it. On rough surfaces the motor has to decide if one is trying to make it stop or if it hit’s a bump. She said the fix is to hold the button on in those situations.

    One thing I saw in my short time using it was it’s sensitivity to how strong of a push one gives it. The harder you push the faster it goes.
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