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Thread: lost a high school buddy

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    lost a high school buddy

    dan was his name. I just found out he suddenly passed away. he was my first prom date and a friend from k to 12, and past that. too young to go. I am a bit in shock.

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    i'm sorry for your loss
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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    lots are gone from my high school. I graduated in 83, and the last two years of school saw several deaths around me. My friend Dan from high school died of a brain tumor when he was 21. robin, randy, shawn, hans and melody. there are probably more that I am not aware of.

    It does make you feel a certain way when someone you grew with goes out of the world.
    My condolences Ms cass.

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    dan, I can't believe you are gone. too young.

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    Sorry for your loss.

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