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Thread: What a mess in Oklahoma

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    What a mess in Oklahoma

    Hope all those kids are OK. Most of the twisters hit out in the sticks, but not this one.
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    It looks really, really bad.
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    2 of my sisters and several other family members are in Moore Oklahoma. The rest of my family is in Tulsa Oklahoma. They are all accounted for but their friends and family members are not. It's very crazy there right now. Some things are starting to catch on fire and people are lost. It's an absolute nightmare.
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    it was horrible, I just come in from mowing and watched it on tv...looks really bad.....prayers.......

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    I was injured in a tornado and my blood ran cold when I saw the video of that twister. I can't imagine the force of it. My heart goes out to all the residents of that area and all the loved ones trying to connect.

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    Those homes were leveled. It looks like an atomic blast.
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    So so horrible, most did not stand a chance. And the children in the school.........heartbreaking!

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    According to CNN, the death toll has been lowered from 51 down to 24. Those people are an example of what preparedness is all about. The Red Cross reports that there is plenty of room in shelters because people have gone to friends or family members in the surrounding area. Most had an emergency plan. Even the stores have crisis plans to be able to meet critical needs in the aftermath. Initially at least the mayor was asking offers of help to hold off because they had plenty of first responders and needed people to stay out of they way. They are going to need a lot of help putting things back together in the longer term, but it seems like they learned a lot from their past experiences. The damage is horrendous and there are a lot of people suffering. Had they not been prepared, it likely would have been a lot worse. I know it would around here.
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    The pics of the little kids being pulled out of the rubble; what a relief for their parents. Sad for the ones that lost their lives.
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