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Thread: To the mothers of teenage SCIs

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    To the mothers of teenage SCIs

    My mother passed away a few years ago but I can never forget her heroic efforts following my SCI at age 16. From a hard working farm wife she quickly transformed herself into my nurse, counselor, advocate, cheerleader, and tender of the flame of hope. She did this all in addition to her other family and farm responsibilities which included tending to the needs of my brother and two sisters. The time we spent coping with my disability gave me an understanding of the meaning of mother that few guys can grasp. I am grateful that she survived long enough to see the struggle we were consumed with for several years bear fruit.

    To suddenly have a teenager who has not yet had time to strengthen his or her wings sufficiently to face the headwinds of life suffer a possibly fatal wound has to be a mother’s worst nightmare come true. I am awed by the strength of mothers in such a predicament. It may take years for your young’n to fully appreciate what you are doing for them. I want you to know I understand and admire your strength, courage, and commitment. Thanks for being there.
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    That was lovely 55. Your mother sounds like she was a wonderful woman.

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    I agree, and a wonderful son that appreciated her.
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    What a great tribute to your mom! I'll bet she is smiling down on you everyday!

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    I'm glad you had such a lovely mom, 55. Your post was beautiful and I appreciate that you acknowledge her support of you. She raised a fine boy.
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    Likewise 55, my Mom passed away 3 years ago at age 93. She was 53 at the time of my injury and immediately took charge without any prior medical/health care knowledge or experience. The options I was given when released by the hospital was nursing home or home. Without hesitation, Ma said "home". Later in life she made out a health care directive and asked if I would be PR, of which I accepted. Two things she dearly wanted was to live and die in her own home. My parents homesteaded there in 1944. I had to fight the family but Mom got her wishes and I will never regret any of it. I still think of her often and know she is watching over me. Love you Mom and miss you lots!
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    SCI55, this is just beautiful, made my day!

    Robbie wrote the cutest note to me on Mothers Day. Not as eloquent as your post but the same sentiment. I am a very lucky mom and I know it....I'm sure your mom felt the same.

    Thanks for being so sweet.

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    Geezum 55.... you made me cry.

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    55, that is sweet. My mom had the same road with me, after a car accident at 17, she became everything to me. When other family members were either to exhausted and overwhelmed to deal with me, she was there. The first 3 years were horrible, I was mad at the world, yet my mom stuck by me. Now 7 years later I live in my own home, drive, and am mostly independent. And I wouldn't be anywhere near here without her. She truly has taught me how to be a mother and just a good person.

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    that was beautiful.

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