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Thread: LPGA player attends prom with Special Olympics golfer

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    LPGA player attends prom with Special Olympics golfer

    Knoxville News Sentinel

    Bearden High School senior Alex Notte has communication challenges, but no words were necessary when his dream prom date showed up Saturday at his parent's West Knoxville home.

    Alex's reaction spoke volumes as his date to the Bearden prom, striking 24-year-old professional golfer Belen Mozo, arrived.

    "Yes!" said a beaming Alex, who broke into a dead sprint toward Mozo, who was wearing an exquisite teal gown with sequins.

    Alex, dapperly dressed in a black tuxedo that included two golf tees in his boutonniere, wore an ear-to-ear smile as he extended his arm to Mozo, and proudly escorted his beautiful date back to the party of about 50 that had gathered at his parents' house for the big occasion.

    The unlikely sequence of events that brought the prom couple together was set in motion last winter when Alex, who has an neuro-development disability, told his sister, Arielle Notte, that he wanted to go to the prom with Mozo.

    Alex became enamored with the rising star on the women's tour after meeting Mozo two years ago when attending the Wegmans LPGA Championship in Rochester, N.Y., with his parents, Richard and Kristine Notte.

    With Mozo serving as his inspiration, Alex took up the game of golf in earnest, overcoming neurological, vision and hearing hurdles.

    Under the instruction of Louise Ball, he plays regularly at Gettysvue Country Club, where his sister filmed a video of Alex golfing and dancing and extending a prom invitation to Mozo.

    The video, which included the pop song "Call Me Maybe," was uploaded by Arielle to YouTube and to Mozo's Facebook page.

    And call she did, as Mozo, a native of Spain who starred at the University of Southern California before turning pro, said "yes" to Alex's prom invitation.

    "When first putting the YouTube video together, my wildest dream was that Belen would say yet, and that Alex would have not only a fun prom, but also an amazing date," said Arielle, who is in college abroad and was unable to attend Saturday's gathering.

    "I could not fathom the extent to which the community, the media and Belen have been involved in supporting Alex."

    Richard and Kristine Notte said the entire experience has been uplifting to Alex and the entire family.

    "We all want good things to happen to our kids, and this is fantastic," said Richard Notte.

    Kristine Notte said that Mozo's gesture was amazing.

    "We're very touched," said Kristine Notte.

    "This young woman took time out of her very busy schedule to help Alex have such a wonderful experience. Sometimes, we want our children to be in the community just like a typical child - and Belen has opened that door for us."

    Ironically, Mozo said she had never been to a prom.

    "We don't have them in Europe," said Mozo, who participated in a charity exhibition earlier in the day at Gettysvue to benefit Special Olympics.

    "I'm actually very nervous. I think it's a wonderful thing. I'm going to get to meet Alex's friends and have a really good time."

    The couple was all smiles as they climbed into the back seat of a 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud and headed off to Gettysvue for dinner with friends before heading to the prom in Maryville.

    The luxurious transportation was provided by Steve Wisden of Regal Carriages.

    "I'm so excited about taking her to the prom," said Alex, with his trademark infectious smile.

    "Fairy tales do come true," said Kristine Notte.

    "Wonderful things happen because there are wonderful people out there."

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    Lucky guy, Belen is a doll and a good golfer.

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