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Thread: Self-balancing electric unicycle.

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    Self-balancing electric unicycle.

    EcoBOOMER iGo Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle Should Be EVERYWHERE You GO!

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    I'll one-up you on self-balancing vehicles:

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    keep (rolling) Walking

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    touché! nice vehicle.
    I like the Ryno too but the Lil Motors is something we could actually drive.

    Quote Originally Posted by -scott- View Post
    I'll one-up you on self-balancing vehicles:

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    A little update. These are getting smaller and smaller. I have no idea how the people can ride it without loosing their balance. It's like a magic in a circus.
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    Not only are these getting smaller, they're getting cheaper (you can get one on eBay for ~$200), and they're pretty much the best thing for a walking companion when you're wheeling around. Not only will they not have to chase you down hills, but even a cheap one has enough power for them to push you up a hill if needed. We liked going on walks before, living in an extremely walkable (even though hilly) city, but having one of these has definitely increased the distance we can go and decreased the time it takes.

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