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Thread: Icon may not like this post but!

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    That's exactly how I read it J...

    Quote Originally Posted by JeffAdams View Post
    I spoke with your dealer as well (who called about an hour before you did), and we ordered you the parts that you need - I thought he told me that you got hit by a car or had some kind of accident?

    You bent one of your quick release axles, and one of your back wheels is apparently a write-off
    so this isn't likely normal "wear and tear" - I'm happy to speak to you at any time, and we'll get your chair back up and running as quick as we can.
    You can't claim warranty on a car crash... if the driver was at fault you should have claimed on their insurance, not trying trying to make a fraudulent warranty claim and drag a company's reputation through the mud!
    T11 Asia A after near-fatal bike crash.. Just happy to still be here

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    Then Jeff and Icon are even more stand-up than I thought.
    And Blinky, who was online here a half hour ago, is rubbing his hands in glee
    over his free meal. Maybe he is the pride of Southampton NY?

    Quote Originally Posted by jschism View Post
    sounds like Blinky crsashed the chair and wants it fixed for nothing. What an idiot, if you crash your car, chevy won't fix it for you for free, why should Icon? Bet we never hear from him again.
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Backfire in the OP's face much?

    Sounds like the Icon saved the OP's life during a large crash.

    A win for Icon!

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    You are correct about an accident it was in 2006. The backrest lock bent during a transfer about month and a half ago. I have no explanation of the carbon fiber separating from the plywood just noticed it when bending to reach something off the floor. And also don't know why the axle bent. And I did not get hit by a car. I do however thank you for the quick response about the parts so that I don't have to use my very uncomfortable back up for much longer. Can't wait to get back in the best chair I have had so far. And I also thank everyone for the great comments.

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