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Thread: Me, my dog and the Jack knifed tractor trailer

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    Me, my dog and the Jack knifed tractor trailer

    Early this month, I was driving North, on I 95, from my home is South Fl to see my sister in Charleston, SC. Dog in tow, I ventured on even though our area was plagued with a line of severe storms all along the 95 corridor.
    Early that morning I had considered postponing till next day, but decided against, not wanting to miss a day with my sis! I should have listened to my gut but I left anyway knowing I am an excellent driver, cutting my teeth on the highways of the NYC metro area as a teen and logging countless miles on many road trips with my family. I had a clean record too and never had a accident.
    The weather north of the Cape was hell at best, visibility horrible and people traveling too fast for the conditions. I passed several accidents and overturned vehicles. It was stressful and required full focus but I was doing well and making good time.
    By 11:30 I stopped in my usual Port Orange Starbucks to get a coffee, water and walk doggy and recollect myself. There was a break in the weather too which would make the going easy for awhile. I thought, I will call my daughters when I am back on the road and meet her at her place in Jacksonville to wait it out till conditions improve then head north again, she was only 45 minutes away too.
    So I get back on to 95 and see a big EMT rescue fly by, must be another accident I
    thought. I was in the right lane and had driven about 4 miles and looked down the road bout half mile or so to see brake lights, traffic slowing down, this is where the EMT"S were headed so I start to slow down from 70 to about 50 and as I do I glanced in my rearview than left side mirror.
    OMG, I see a tractor trailer in the third far left lane and he is flying fast,coming in quick, your going too fast, he's not gona can't stop, I watch him jack knife, he is coming for me at break neck speed, move out of his way now ,I turn my wheel to avoid hitting cars in front and the impact from this big rig, as I do he taps me hard in left rear and I go off the road and head right into a large palm tree. Bam.......
    OMG, and son of a bitch, n wtf, airbags deployed, take glasses off, where is my little dog, on floor in passengers side scared to death, she is ok. I feel pain in right foot, ignored as I try to get lead on floor by dog, do not need her running off. Can't open my door, emt's arrive, many trucks within a minute, on the way to accidents north of us. Please let me put lead on dog then hand to you, she is scared,what? No please, please, do not take her to local animal control, she is a therapy dog, she does not deserve this. Really they say, yes for Hospice, They kindly take her to fire station till family can get her. I am grateful and relax. They loved her to bits, my daughter tells me later.
    Take me out on backboard, co-collar. Right foot has 6 inch gash, blood all over. No pain yet..a plus side of being numb from SCI???
    Err bound, big Halifax Hospital Trauma unit, used to bike week, Daytona bad wrecks. I shattered my heel/calcaneus's from impact, doc said" like putting humpty dumpy back together again, 7 screws 2 ops later, both legs bruised real bad, hurt awful, it was my good foot, I am screwed. Back in chair, not weight for 2 months, left leg is so weak anyway, transfers dicey slow going. Stitches lookin good, come out next week, hard cast off. Been down this road.
    They tell me, If I has not have made the split second choice of making the turn, he'd of hit me hard, pushing me in front of him and decimated me, my car and my precious pup. I would not be here today. My car is totaled and I am at the beginning of another long fight for recovery. Big pup,she has not left my side since I came home and pinned for me while gone. I love that little doggy to bits.
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