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Thread: "certification" for hand controls?

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    Yes, they are clamping down on this sort of thing in a lot of states because of liability, a lot of the installers want to make sure you have a handcontrol restriction on your license before they will do the install. Some are even requiring Dr's scripts for handcontrols. They also normally put stickers on the cars door jamb to say the car has been modified with hand controls, this is also to identify maybe certain things like knee air bags have been disconnected or what not incase the car was sold and then crashed and there was no knee airbag since it had been removed. These days it's all about liability, everything is lawsuits.
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    Thanks SO much all! I, surprisingly, received a copy from Warm Springs yesterday of records where I was tested back then! I think this will do the trick! It seemed they wouldn't be able to follow through, but, hooray, they did! Now all I have to worry about is whether to have "hand controls" written on my license next month when it has to be renewed. I just roll in and they renew; at least that's the way it's BEEN.

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