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Thread: FS: Freewheel

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    FS: Freewheel

    The Freewheel is still brand new. I think I put it on my chair once or twice for a few minuets. Looking to get $300 for it, plus $20 shipping if you can't pick it up in Houston. jsco976 is my gmail address.
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    Ok. You people drive a hard bargain. New summer discount! $250 + $25 shipping. Act fast while supplies last!

    You can come pick it up in Houston to avoid shipping costs, and if you do want it shipped we can use Paypal.
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    I'll take it, email me to arrange payment and shipping!

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    I sent you an email, Ryan.
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    The Freewheel has been sold.
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    Yay! I'm glad it sold for ya!

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    Darn!!! I was just looking for this to buy it!

    I love sports! Wheelchair Basketball, Sled Hockey, Mono-Skiing, and Handcycling.

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    Do you have more for sale?

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