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    I was looking trough website but couldn't find any answer.
    Im l1 12 months post. Started having feeling when to go with bowl and bladder recently. sphincters were loose at first now really tight. Also when I sit on toilet I void a bit and have farts like I'm gonna have a bowl movement. Only when I sit on toilet. Have some feeling in my sack. Is or possible to regain both without sensory ? Anybody had similar experiences ?

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    I regained b&b abilities three months out from injury. (I have L1 and L5 injuries) It started similar to what you describe. Once you notice a bit of muscle response, start working those muscles. There are things you can do for that. Are you getting any PT? Can you get a session with a PT for help in getting started? You also might benefit from seeing a urologist. I did that at first to make sure I wasn't making matters worse. I'm almost three years post injury and b&b is 90% normal and I can live quite well with that. Good luck!

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    Yeah I have muscle flickers in all my muscles. Tiny ones. Im getting pt and trying to get as much locomotor training I can get. Overground, locomat, therastride and soon I will be lucky to try rewalk. Its really hard to tell if its me contracting these muscles or if its a spasm. I keep trying anyways. Regarding bb when I sit on toilet I fart every time and started voiding a bit. Can that be a coincidence?

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    That's how it started with me. Maybe it's a conditioned response? I started with those very small things and after a while, it worked into a response I could control.....just a little. Then, more control. Give it a try and more time. I don't think you've been injured all that long, although it probably feels like forever. It's a long road . Take it one step at a time. I'm so glad you're getting PT. That's the best thing you can do....then work your recovery on your own as much as you can.

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    If you dont mind me asking how long was timeframe of you getting control of those muscles and than making them useful.

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    I'd say it took a good year from the time it started until I had control in the normal range. Still, it was worth the effort. I don't really even consider b&b any more than an AB would.

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