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Thread: dipstick friends

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    Did have a nice time, didn't talk about me at all despite his asking every other minute, and he missed the sarcasm when I said my future's so bright I've got to wear shades as I was jerking around from the electric shocks.
    ttack and go down
    Anyway the wife, who gets it, said they'll se us soon, it helped straighten some things out and apologized that she had to ask and for the boorish attitude of dave.

    maybe if i'm lucky next time we see them I'll have a major episode, pee myself, puke, go insensate and when I come out of it see what happened, except it is not worth the agony. really do wonder how h'd react, although I think that would be the LAST i'd see of him and with only 2 "friends" nearby losing 1... well that much closer to bing a bona fide recluse.

    sorry the typing hand coordination going.



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    was a dupe from the hand tremors

    sorry the typing hand coordination going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Be careful with that in the workforce.
    it's the reason i get hired. helps me with problem solving and conflict resolution as i am a neutral party.
    "Smells like death in a bucket of chicken!"

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