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Thread: My first day without my arm rest!

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    What happens when you fall out of your chair?
    I've never fallen out of it before (knock on wood). I used to get in the floor about 15 years ago and could get back in by rolling on to my knees and balancing my upper body with the seat of my chair. Then I would grab my back rest and pull myself up enough to roll over on to my butt. I tried to avoid doing that if I could get on something softer like the furniture and then transfer back to my chair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlmtrhmiles View Post
    The arm rest are addictive. If you use them long enough, you will train your body to rely on them, instead of the body doing the work, it is fully capable f doing. In reality, this is moving backward, instead of forward, if you are attempting to do. I lift weights from an older chair. No arm rest and refuse to lean on BACK REST. Took time and work to get there, but am there.
    l guess it depends on your level of injury. I use the armrests like grab bars and I do depend on them because my body can't do the work. They have also kept me off the floor more times than I care to think about. I also need a back rest to sit for any length of time without falling over.
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    If ever fall, no matter what kind of surface onto, you need to make sure you and chair do not move farther apart. It is very easy for chair to slide. It is also very easy for you to actually slide inside your clothing while clothing stays positioned where it is stuck to.

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    I'm on day 6 without them. The only thing I miss is using them as an extension of my arm to reach things.

    I leave my chair in the garage sometimes when I just run up to a drive through or Walgreen for a perscription. I usually take one arm off of my chair and throw it in the car with me so I can use it to hook my chair and pull it back to me when I pull back in the garage. I'm going to throw one of my reachers in there to keep for the future. Lord knows I have ton of those things around here. Other than that I do t miss them at all.
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