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Thread: What would you do? (and I need to rant to people who get this)

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    It is outrageous that your accessibility wasn't one of the first issues dealt with. You paid the same amount for your degree as your classmates and should have been approached months ago. Unacceptable.

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    Another alternative would be to have the presenter bring your diploma down to you and publicly apologize for not having an accessible facility in front of the audience.
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    Yeah, I agree with the previous posters.

    For my grad (back in 1979 mind you) I was brought in and "seated" first with a classmate. So I missed the procession, I didn't care. I was also the last to exit.

    I'd say ask for the help, bitch about the lack of accessibility, inclusion, and enlightenment by the school admin (who should know better!), but mostly have a great time and celebrate your achievement!

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    First of all, congratulations!

    If you want to attend, by all means, you should attend. We're always put the side, or in weird spots, so this is no different. The question really should be do you want to go? If so, go. After all, you earned it.

    Oh, and get ready for loudest round of applause for graduating. HAHA!
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    Just go.

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    congrats! if that were me, i'd make a spectacle out of it. hire someone in costumes, plus someone to walk ahead of you holding a banner that says "if this was accessible, you wouldnt have to see a man in a bunny suit pushing a chic in a wheelchair"

    you cannot miss this one. masters or above is an accomplishment and needs to be celebrated with all the pomp you can muster
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    Another alternative would be to have the presenter bring your diploma down to you and publicly apologize for not having an accessible facility in front of the audience.
    Congrats! Stage wasn't accessible I sat in front. President of University jumped off stage and gave me my diploma. People applaud rather loudly as if it's a bigger deal. Maybe it is.

    I'd try calling the committee see if they have an alternative solution...the bunny suit would be memorable!
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    Congratulations, Ashley!
    I would vote for you attending the ceremony. In ten years you won't have to think about missing it.
    Just a couple of comments; is there a disability services office at your college that you can discuss this with? I hope you will consider raising this issue with them or the appropriate dean. Hopefully, the next time they have any ceremony they will make it accessible to those in chairs, walkers, or canes, etc. who show up to receive their well-earned accolades. You will be helping future graduates who find themselves in the same boat.

    At my high school graduation I was seated with one other wheeler on the stage just out of view. Unfortunately, they had placed large potted plants on the narrow path to the spot to get our diplomas. We were called at the same time, but I don't remember if it was me first or the fellow with me who knocked over one of the plants, but it was one of the more memorable times in my life, and that was over fifty years ago. I still laugh over it.

    At college BA graduation with hundreds of other graduates and two of us in chairs, we rolled down the procession line from seating at the back of the stadium, and the dean stepped down steps to hand us our diplomas. I'm embarrassed to say someone wheeled me, while my buddy wheeled herself, as she had announced she would do when we were assigned "helpers". Shame on me. It was about the last time I had anyone touch the pushhandles on my chair.

    At MA graduation time I just skipped it.

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    Big Ups on the MSW, Ashley!

    FWIW, IMO you should DEF attend the ceremony. Tell the organizers that you want to discuss options. Pick the best one you can identify. If they have to rent equipment, so be it. Nothing changes until we demand change. Be polite and cooperative, but be firm.

    Face it, you aren't going to 'blend'. If you could, there'd be no reason for this discussion. But you have nothing but pride to feel no matter how you decide to participate in the ceremony.

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    Thank you all for the encouragement and perspective. I will still participate and address their negligence as my parting graduation gift I'm normally used to being an after thought, but I think this school constantly touting their inclusion, diversity, and cultural competence really had me expecting a different process. People who should know better don't always act in ways that communicate that--lesson learned.

    Oh and the bunny suit and other costume suggestions would totally rule! I'm still brainstorming a way to do something silly as a small gesture of retaliation
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