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Thread: micro casters for Quickie Matchpoint?

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    micro casters for Quickie Matchpoint?

    I Have a quickie Match Point tennis chair. I cannot find out what replacement casters are for this chair. I would think that it is the 3" casters for all 3 of them (2 front and rear ripper).

    But, the diagram has 80 millimeter casters...and also 3" casters too?

    So confused...I emailed Quickie...I've heard nothing yet.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    3" is 76mm so no problem there. One of my old matchpoint's used 3" casters as well. did you measure your existing casters?

    i get casters from tgm skateboards sometimes. Much less expensive than from wheelchair parts suppliers.

    The hardest compound available wears longer than softer ones.

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    Yea...seems a hair over 3"

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    I used to have rollerblade wheels on mine. much cheaper and you can get the really hard ones made for rolling on cement, but if you don't like them that hard you can get some that are a little softer, just depends on how you like them to roll and the surface you are playing on.
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    Ebay Item #: 360647168692

    These are the same as the last ones I used on my tennis chair. they roll smooth and last quite a while.

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