I am a C-5 to c-7 quadriplegic that is looking for advice on on back braces to help with the back pain hopefully. Surprisingly my neck does not hurt much at all is the whole thoracic and sacral area. No doctors are helping And some won't even see me. I have two bulging and one herniated disc which possibly has ruptured in my opinion. My pain management doctor is saying they can't cause any pain. I asked if he thinks that because I'm paralyzed and he thinks I don't feel anything. He said even people that are able-bodied could possibly have them and not have pain which could be true. I am in excruciating pain and can't take it anymore. These three braces were recommended from talking to someone at a doctors office and I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. The only problem is I have the quadriplegic belly and I tried a weight belt which does help with the pain a little bit but it rides up on my belly. Has anyone had this problem and what back braces have you used?
These three were recommended to me
the weight belt i've used rides up constantly. i know its not meant for decompression but it does help a very little bit.
thanks in advance.