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Thread: Anyone tried Backbones peer support?

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    Anyone tried Backbones peer support?

    I'm ready to try Hoping to learn anyone else's experience with them.
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    I'm not terribly familiar with backbones, but the Reeve foundation offers peer support groups/mentors as well (I'm a mentor through Reeve, though I work primarily with spouses/partners of the injured person). You can sign up through their website.

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    Never tried that website or the Reeve foundation, though I have seen the Reeve foundation's mentor program (that looked promising, I'm a weird injury so I feel odd joining some sites). In addition to this site I also visit apparelyzed I have found a lot of support both here and there.
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    Hi all on this thread,
    I have met the Exec Dir of Backbones, Revecca Torres and some of her mentors and they are the real deal. I heartily recommend them for distant support. As far as local groups, we at the National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA) have over 160 recently vetted, established groups that you can access HERE:

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