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Thread: Dvt prevention

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    Dvt prevention

    Is there any non-medication way to avoid DVT and blood clots as a SCI?
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    DVT prevention interventions that are evidenced-based for SCI include a COMBINATION of medications and interventions such as leg elevation in bed, the use of sequential compression devices (SCDs) when on bedrest, judicious use of compression (TED) hose, range of motion exercises, and FES. While FES has been found in research studies to be one of the best methods, it has little or no utility in those still in spinal shock, or those without spasticity already in their legs.

    DVT risk is highest in the first 1-3 months after injury, and decreases over the first 2 years post injury, but if the person is put into a situation after this that would make an AB person at risk for DVT, then prophylaxis should be reinstituted. This includes pelvic or abdominal surgery, prolonged bedrest (such as while healing a pressure ulcer), leg surgery or trauma, and febrile illness.

    IVC filters do not help prevent DVT, but may help to prevent pulmonary embolus (PE) if DVT should occur.


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