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Thread: Tire Blues

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    that was a seriously worn tire, got the life out of it for sure.

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    If it's just the tire and the tube hasn't gone yet then no biggie, as long as you don't hit anything sharp to puncture the tube you'll be fine. I have a spare set of wheels as well but I also always try to keep 4-5 extra tubes laying around, never know when you'll have a bad week of 3-4 flats.

    I just replaced my tires a few weeks ago.
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    Well here is my temporary fix. The only thing that keep the tube in the tire was the flat protectors. (blue) Guess that they really do work, but its strange that they glued themselves to the tube. The plastic shaped pretty ease and seemed to rape around the outside of the tire flatly.

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    All better for a while, wonder if a guy could try to make a tube out of the yogurt container all the way around the inner tube?

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    And the Roho, have know idea if it will work. The cell is in a good place, so it is not needed.

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    Oh crap sorry your having these issues

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