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Thread: 24 inch wheels for my freedomRyder

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    Question 24 inch wheels for my freedomRyder

    It has been more than a year since I stopped using my Handcycle! I miss it aloooooooooot!! Please help.

    It was secured at the top my car when I entered into a inside/building parking lot, you know the rest of the story. But it was ironic that this accident happened just the same day I fixed that problem!

    So I have an old freeedomryder that the manufacturer does not support anymore, The hubs seem OK. The bike shop tells me that I need :

    1 rim for the front wheel drive with 36 spokes of length 241mm
    2 rims for the rear wheels with 28 spokes for each of length 255mm

    The original supplier of the wheels "Sun Ringle" appears to only sell to recognized bike shops, I am currently in Saudi Arabia, and appears that Sun Ringle does not answer my emails nor our professional bike shop emails!

    Question: I already have a HUB,
    Where is a good website that sells those specialized rims and spokes?
    I appreciate any help in this!

    Thank you again,


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    24" rims are also labeled xx-507 (where xx is the width of the rim, common sizes for wheelchair rims are anything from 23- to 28-, bike rims have a much wider range.

    You can have a custom shop build wheels for you with your hubs, but it will almost certainly be cheeper to buy a brand new set of 507 wheelchair wheels. Hand built wheels cost more in the labor than factory built wheels cost including parts and labor.

    If you have a local bike shop that builds wheels and charges low labor rates, you can order a -507 rim and some spokes and have them build it, but unless the local labor is really cheep but still quality, I would recommend buying a new already built wheel.

    Now if you want GOOD quality rims and spokes to go with your good quality hubs, you might look at a company like Velocity or a wheel builder but they do cost a bit.
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    Don't get 24s. Get 559 wheels all around. Larger wheel, more tire and rim choices. Cheaper and easier to find, too. I have a Freedom Ryder from 1994 and moved to 559s a few years ago and they're great.

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