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Thread: Extremely Weird Burn

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    Extremely Weird Burn

    Ok my friend flew to New York yesterday and put a foley on for the flight. She taped it to her thigh. So when she got to her destination and took her clothes off she notices a burn where the foley was! How does this even happen? We are totally stumped!
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    It looks more like a contact dermatitis to me - maybe from the tape.
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    Looks to me like the first stage of a pressure sore starting to develop.

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    tubing rubbing between pants & skin

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    What kind of a catheter was it? If latex, it may be a latex allergy reaction. Otherwise, agree that it is a sensitivity to the tape and possibly pressure from the tube and clothing or something like a heavy purse or bag sitting of the lap for a long period of time.

    Hopefully keeping pressure off of the area will allow the blisters to reduce and the fluid to reabsorb. I wouldn't suggest trying to drain the blisters.

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    Looks like blistering from the catheter being taped down firmly to the skin. The blistering does not take place under the tape but between the tape and higher up on the leg where the pants help hold the catheter firmly in place. I have seen that before. I have experienced that before.

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    Yup - friction from the tubing. I've had it before .. ususally when I've tossed and turned trying to sleep ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Yup - friction from the tubing. I've had it before .. ususally when I've tossed and turned trying to sleep ...

    I agree. Had that happen a couple of times from latex legbag straps.
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