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Thread: My new accessible home will be done soon!

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    My new accessible home will be done soon!

    I'm having a new home built to accommodate my son's disability. He has CP, trach, g-tube, wheelchair, etc. I also do respite for a man with progressive MS for a total of about 2 months per year. I realize that this is a SCI injury forum, but the needs of the 2 guys resemble those of people with a SCI in a lot of respects.

    My new home is 4 BR 2 BA, 1973 sq. ft. It should be done soon. I will be moving before the end of the month. I'm so excited!

    Both of my guys have pretty significant disabilities, so many of the modifications that some people need, we don't need. The kitchen, electrical outlets, windows, etc. are all standard. Basically, we needed level access at all entry doorways, 36" or wider doors, limited hallways/turns, and a nice big roll in shower. I went with tile floors throughout. Between the wheelchairs and my dogs, we are hard on floors.

    Here's hoping I didn't forget anything!

    Because I am my son's primary caregiver (at this point ONLY caregiver), we did a few different things in the design. The master bedroom and my son's bedroom share a bath. The shower is my big splurge in this house. 5' x 7' roll-in with 2 shower heads ... 1 handheld and one "normal". Plus 4 body sprays. All can be turned on/off separately. A nice sized bench to sit on. And an electric body dryer! I can't wait to see this when it is done! It will be great to shower the guys in, plus great relaxation for me.

    Also, in my son's room, I have had a sink and cabinets put in next to his bed. With his trach, g-tube, diapers, etc., there is a lot of hand washing and washing of supplies. I got sick of having to traipse back and forth to the bathroom every time. Plus, my son is a MAJOR fall risk, so every time I leave the room to wash something, the side of the bed (enclosed, modified hospital bed) has to be put up. Having a sink bedside will save me a LOT of effort.

    Sorry for the rambling, but it will be so nice to get into a home that meets OUR needs!

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    Congratulations! Very exciting!

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    Put some pics up when you can, and congrats!

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    Wow, ramble away...tell me more!?! Congratulations to you and the guys! Very smart ideas overall and the consideration you put into their needs is amazing! Your Son must be extremely grateful to have you. I also hope you can post pictures.

    Cheers to your new loving home!
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    Where is this fabulous home being built?

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    God Bless you. I hope your new home exceeds all your expectations and your life becomes a litte bit easier. It's not easy being a caregiver.

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    Wonderful about the new home!
    Just one thought here: with two wheelers at my residence it's helpful to have space, shelving, a room, etc. devoted to equipment and supplies, extra parts, chairs, that may be needed now or in the future. It's convenient to have any regularly used supplies stored right near where they're going to be used - like the sink you mentioned. If supplies arrive by car or UPS, it's nice to store some stuff near arrival spot - and consider climate control issues there.

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    That's great ! I've been looking for a house to fit my needs. It's almost impossible unless u build.. My lawyers got the building $, so i'm trying..
    So happy to hear you are able to do that, and care for those guy's.. Hey, HAPPY FATHERS DAY !!

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