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Thread: New SCI...Introduction

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    New SCI...Introduction

    Hey everyone,

    My name is Brad, I'm 27 and have been married for 5 years with two dogs. I was injured last January (2012) in a motorcycle accident. I'll start by saying I've been riding motorcycles for 20 years. I was on my way to work and there was too much gravel in a corner to go around. So I had to lock up the brakes and slide off the road into the grass, not too bad right? Ended up landing in a ditch on my left side. My T6 vertebrae shattered, severing my spinal cord. Other than that, not a scratch on me.

    I was in rehab for 2 months and driving myself back to work in 5. I'm an architect, so I was very fortunate to be able to do 90% of what I used to do before my injury. So far everything is going well, except I'm still dealing with some pretty severe neuropathic pain. This has also been quite the emotional roller coaster, as you all know, but I trust that God has a plan and will use my situation for my good and His glory.

    Having only been in a chair a little over a year, it still feels very new and I know I will have lots of questions. Hopefully before too long I will have a lot to contribute as well.

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    Welcome Brad...I have peripheral neuropathy. I use a w/c mostly but can walk with braces and crutches


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    Welcome Glad to here that your doing OK.
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    Welcome! Sorry for the reason you had to find us, but glad that you are here.
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    Sounds like you're doing well. I hope you get the pain issue under control. This board is great for information, I still learn alot even tho I been in a chair almost 28 years.
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    Welcome to CC
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    Glad you found this site, welcome Brad. You sound like you're doing well for so new an injury. The first couple years are the hardest, it does get better.
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    (((Brad))) Hope you find the info you need! Careful with returning to normal so quickly ... sometimes it can smack you in the face later on down the road.
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    Hi Brad and welcome. Like you, I had no cuts or bruises just a broken neck. I am 45 years post, married 41 years and have 2 dogs. Just learn to accept you injury and live each day to the fullest and you'll be okay.

    Good luck.
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    Welcome, Brad! Sorry for the circumstances. You seem to have a great attitude while adapting. You'll find a wonderful support group of friends, faith, determination, endless information, and advise available 24/7, here at CC. I've learned more here than from any of my doctors.

    There's also an abundance of neuropathic pain among members in the "pain forum." You may also enjoy the "equipment" and "exercise" forums!

    Best Wishes!
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