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Thread: Airing out the dick?

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    Airing out the dick?

    Hello everyone, c5 here. I have had a good experience using condom caths and have become better at voiding, so I'm trying my best to do better and keep on this condom cath course.
    I have tried indwelling caths but they are scary. I avoid drinking much because of strong bladder spasms that cause me to void outside of the indwelling, which trigger AD. And lose a lot of sleep worrying about whether or not it is normal for the urine to trickle out.
    My question for condom cath users is how in the heck do we air our skin out? My skin is fine, currently I air it out for two or three hours on shower days. I would like to give my skin a break over night, I have tried a combination of urinal and diapers but when the cock retracts, it's a pissed disaster.
    My proposal/suggestion is that we get together, contact a condom catheter company and request a type of overnight catheter with very little skin contact area and light adhesive. Maybe it could be hooked up to a special bag that doesn't create a suction or we could just piss into a diaper.

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    I used a condom cath for more than 10 years without ever thinking about "airing it out." Never had a skin problem there.
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    If you are able, why not insert a regular catheter into your dick and bladder at night? Just tape the catheter to your dick (I use 3M Micropore or Transpore tape), attach it to an overnight drainage bag and remove it in the morning.

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    Use skin prep which coats the skin and helps prevent skin breakdown. There is a catheter with a petal looking application to more of the tip of the penis- can't think of the name right now but Liberty was the original maker.If you shower and clean then unless you have skin breakdown. there is also something Coloplast makes- manhood drip collector is what they were calling it- pad for just the penis and holds about 120 mls or more and made out the special material that holds moisture- i.e. diaper for the penis. They might send you samples.

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    Cool. Thank you guys. My dick skin is nice and good. Just worried about pickling my dick any longer and wouldn't mind the extra work that seems beneficial.(giving my dick skin a nice break over night) I've tried putting a condom on at the very tip n not rolling it down, connected it to a short hose n then directed it into a diaper which laid on a piss/chuck-it pad. This kinda works well but the adhesive is far too strong for breathability in my thought and my penis/pubic hair gets all mangled by the unspent adhesive.

    Smokey, I'd probably experience AD n void around the temporary cath.

    Skin preps are crap in my experience, just extra work that serves no purpose. You are correct about the men's liberty condom cath's, they have the perfect design for what I'm getting at here, just minus those flaps n way lighter on the adhesive, plus ditch the corny bag. Men's liberty cath's kept my dick hard for hours because it attached to the head of your penis as it is erected. I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive and a swollen dick two days later. Pretty dang scary.

    Not sure if I painted a clear picture or that its even a valid idea but it is hard to settle with pickling my cock daily.

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    Imagine a circle piece of silicone with very light adhesive on one side and a slit down the center. Peel off sticker protector and align the slit with piss hole and lightly press on to stick.

    Connected to this silicon circle would be a huge gauged tubing(like 50 gauge lol, and could be cut to length) bigger is better as their will be no suction or pressure on this temporary modified cath. It shouldn't be designed to take on a gallon of urine.

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    I plan on contacting Hollister because they have the best silicon in my experience, how many of us experienced condom cath boys are up for it?

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    careful some guys get in trouble for airing it out.
    I think dicks are made to be ok in moist, wet, or even low air conditions.

    Iv been on care cure a long time, and I don't recal reading about skin breakdown from condom caths.

    sometimes a smell, (deer hunters green scent away soap)

    and sometimes the things don't stick well. (use the prep)

    Iv never heard of anyone getting sores from the condom tape.
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    heh,heh,heh! Dont get me wrong, condom caths are fun, its doesn't adhere well unless the dick is hard, then when you stick and tug on it, its like an intense suction.

    I have a good rotation of three bedside drain bags that I inject n submerge in clorox, then air dry. I am a freak but it make everything easier.

    It seems as I am trying to out do myself in this single man race again. Guess I don't want to see my dick head being marinated in urine. Their is no discoloration when my dick is dry but their is now way on earth I'd happily pickle my cock, preventive action is a must in my mind.

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    Thumbs down airing out the dick

    To those of you who are using the name Dick instead of Penis-Alyhigh and Jody. Think about what you are doing. I grew up with the name Dick, which is a nickname of Richard. What if I was to use your name in such a way. Maybe like-gotta scratch my Jody. Alyhigh, don't know your name but let me know so I can use it the way you use my name. JERK!

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