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Thread: Air Gauge for Roho by John Crow

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    Sent you an email very interested.

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    Maybe I'm just missing it but I don't see a price anywhere?

    How much are they?
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    I'm also interested in price.

    I was last pressure mapped 15 years ago and was told by the tech that it wasn't that effective for determining Roho air pressure. Has this changed?
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    Just ordered mine this morn,can't wait to finally have a foolproof roho setup.

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    Yep that's the best way to do it, peace of mind to know your cushion is working at it's best - consistantly.

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    You're are correct, the pressure mapping gives you your PSI. you need to use. From there if I wanted to I could go hit the beach or the Rocky Mountains and be able to maintain the correct PSI or a better word "volume" of air.

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    Exactly, peace of mind.

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    Hey good to hear the .55 works, that's what I mapped at and it seems to be a norm. I'm guilty of using way to much air in the past.

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    Hey we're all good here, correct ?

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    In the USA $70.00 includes shipping, was $55 but that was while I was getting the gauges out there for people to use at my cost, the gauge has proven itself, my PT encouraged me to make a little profit, the gauge is worth every bit. My gauge has lasted 3 years now and shows no sign of use.

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