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Thread: using smartphones with a switch?

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    using smartphones with a switch?

    Hi Guys,
    I'm compiling a list of switch activated devices for controlling android and apple smart phones and tablets.
    So far I have:-

    TECLA - android+ios
    iportal -ios

    has anybody come across any other similar systems, if so please let me know.



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    how expensive are these systems?

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    Hi turbo,

    iportal is about $1000
    clicktophone is about $1500
    tecla is about $300

    dependant on the configuration these could increase or decrease.

    you can actually download demo versions of tecla and clicktophone from google play


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    Thank you Simon! Let the savings begin. lol.

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    Are you trying to turn switches (like lamps etc) on and off from your smart phone?

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    No, using the switch to control the phone

    like this:-

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