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    Hey guys!

    I bought myself a house a few days ago. It has a terrace and a garden. Now I think about solutions how to overcome the door frames towards my terrace ( I hope you know what I mean , sorry for my english). Do you guys have some kind of mini ramps in front of the frames or how did you fixed this problem? It would be great if someone can post a picture of yours.

    Thank you very much and i hope I found the right words

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    I think I understand. There are mini ramps you can buy for doorway thresholds, they are expensive for what they do. If you can't wheelie hop it you probably can find small pieces of scrap wood to build up to the threshold.
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    How many inches (or cm.) of a threshold rise (lip or step) are we talking about here??


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    We are talking about 5 cm

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    Thank you very much! It helped me a lot. Im looking forward to take those with the rubber material..... Didnt know that something like this exists. You are an

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