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Thread: Sci nurses, any experience with spiral sling?

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    I had a hysterectomy (and bladder sling) several years ago, so I just see a good urologist. I asked about the artificial sphincter (that sounded so good!) but yep, it often breaks down and you end up with worse problems. The spiral sling was the next step if I want to take it, but he said my bladder looks very healthy and my uti's are scarce now that I don't cath, so he could understand me choosing either way.

    Now that I'm moving more, the ridiculous leakage is bothering me more and I know I would move around and exercise more if I got the spiral and it worked!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    I have to agree - if you hold your breath to force the diaphragm down, you're straining ... it may lead to prolapse. Bending and twisting has the same effect. One rude gyne told me it was my fault for 'manipulating my body to pee' yet that was taught and encouraged at rehab 28yrs ago and no one told me any differently.

    My uro-gyne explained that a paralyzed woman's anatomy is like a funnel and the only thing supporting the pelvic area are muscles and tendons ... since we don't have that ...
    OK, so are you saying that even though my bladder doesn't spasm, and I don't press down with my diaphragm at all (I twist, do pelvic tilts and bend forward) its bad to bend and twist even if I empty because it pushes everything down and leads to prolapse? Its confusing, because when I crawl, do crunches or stand for exercise it does the same thing and empties so I didn't think it was bad for me. It seemed that it was better for me to not cath because I don't get uti's. but if its bad to empty that way, it would seem like it is better to get the surgery and go ahead giving up cathing, because that's the only con to the surgery (besides, just the surgery risk). My urologist didn't see anything negative to what I was doing, but I know drs miss things sometimes.

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    I wish I had never done it but that was the advice given to me almost 3 decades ago. I had the same thing - would pee if I wasn't careful about using the washroom before being very physical - sex, transfers, exercise, etc

    Since we have flaccid bladders, it's difficult to predict if IC'ing would have had the same effect over 30yrs ... or the urethal sphincter just gives up anyway since it has no spasm.

    I really don't know.
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    I know this is a really old thread but after 45 years of intermittent cathing I'm in the same boat so probably the way you all were voiding wouldn't have made a difference
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    We do know that IC is not the panacea that we once thought it was, but given the alternatives, it is certainly one of the options that we can still safely give people.

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