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Thread: what's a good PC for graphics, layout software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ilmx34 View Post
    In my opinion. No need for overkill. Many of the apps you list I believe only require an old Pentium 4 so a new simple low cost laptop (or desktop) i3 with 6meg memory would be far more power than you will actually need. You can purchase these from a chain store for very low cost, less cost than you can build one for. If you move to Adobe cloud services your PC requirements go down even more. ... Wise choice to stay away from the MAC.
    I use Photoshop extensively and this is far from accurate. It needs considerable power for large, multi-layered, complex documents.

    The suggestion of Adobe's Creative Cloud is a subscription plan to access copies of their desktop programs + cloud storage, costing $75/mo, or $600/yr if you pay for a year upfront.

    Mac vs PC is a moot discussion for Adobe products. Everything they make works well on either platform.

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    im using an ordinary computer, However Iv agonized over the purchase of a graphics tablet.
    I got the wacom4 with pen n touch and mouse. I got the small.

    It comes with samples of graphics programs, but they are expensive. really expensive. but the software that does come with the tablet is useable.

    I bought an inexpensive art program called artrage3 I paid $30-60 I cant remember which, and the $14,99 disc. Im glad I got the disk.

    Im very happy with this set-up. I can replace it if I had too. I could not replace my laptop easily, or afford those awesome adobe graphics programs, but Iv heard there might be others like Artrage, and that Artrage is coming out with a cad key program.
    the cad key software that comes with the tablet is enough to learn with.

    I like the artrage program. you can try it out free, and it is easy to remove from your computer if you need to.
    Ive been very happy with my wacom graphics tablet and combination of affordable software.

    you get corel paint, adobe paint and photoshop samples. (The full software costs $300-1000.)

    I use a Del Z14 laptop, and a very inexspensive emachine desktop that is currently dead due to care cure moderating, but I back up drawings on an external hard drive.

    graphis porn for me is the wacom cintiq. that seems to be what all the big guys are using, as far as a complete graphics computer. too expensive for me.

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    ps, my del z14 laptop does not get overloaded with the graphics stuff, just games, and the overload of despamming.

    I think my toshiba would have been better, but was way more expensive to replace, bigger, heavier, and less bed, or floor user friendly.

    I paid $700, for the del, but it was financed. I bought the extra warranty, and have had the screen replaced with no problems since. It is a year and a half old as is my wacom tablet.

    I think you could use it all just fine on an inexpensive laptop with no problems, but I like the Delz for its backlit keys, and it is fast too.

    if you got a wacom graphics tablet I would get the medium, but the small is working out. Im plannin on upgrading to the larger one eventually.

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    How much $$$ do you want to spend on the PC? From there you and then sort of piece the thing together. Take a look at Hp

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    Thanks for the responses, everyone. Lots of good ideas and I'll investigate them. (maybe not building my own, though...yikes!) I'm currently running a Lenovo Y550 which was rated very highly when I bought it. However, as I've added things the speed has really tanked and it can't keep up with me anymore. I've cleaned it up as much as possible and store what I can on an external drive. I like the Cloud idea..haven't considered that before but it sounds like a nice concept.

    Thanks again for taking the time to respond!

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    If you're sticking with a laptop then building a system is much less realistic. has good bang for the buck.

    For Creative Suite to keep up with you, you do need lots of RAM, and a fast chip won't hurt. An SSD (fast) disk would be great, with a regular HD (large) external disk. If you already have the software, I hope it will run well on a 64-bit Windows 7. If not then running it inside a 32-bit virtual machine is an option, although slower. Maybe go with the biggest laptop screen you can find, or attach a nice big external flat screen. After using my 17.5 inch CRT monitor for many years, my next monitor will be 21 inches.

    Cloud computing depends too much on the Internet connection speed, which is frequently the slowest part of any system. Even with 15 MBPS FIOS cloud services from Google are not fast enough for me. And paying for that? No thanks, I can get encrypted cloud backup for free, and that does not need to be fast. Zoho cloud services are about as fast as local computing, but that's because my laptop is too slow.

    Cleaning out Auto-starts and unnecessary services can go a long way toward prolonging the useful life of an older system. Unfortunately, the paid services to do this do not have the best reputation of unqualified success.
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    Get on Staples rewards mailing list. From time to time they put out a $100 off coupon that's good even on sale prices. I just picked up the Lenovo H430 desktop for $379. It has 3GHz i5-3330, 8GB RAM, & 1TB drive. Extreme bang for the buck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MSspouse View Post
    Lenovo H430 for $379. 3GHz i5-3330, 8GB RAM, & 1TB drive.
    OMG, that is a sweet deal!
    Accept the stuff you can't change and change the stuff you can't accept.

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    if I were you, you didn't plant going to school, I would build my own. You have no idea how easy it is. I'm sure there is lots of video online on how to do it and I know there's lots of books. All you do is follow prompts, it's really easy. Here is a great site for the best prices, lots of customer and even videos, and even installing the operating system is relatively easy. The hard part about doing it is customizing your installation
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