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Thread: Neuro Pain Any Hope?

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    Neuro Pain Any Hope?

    I'm slowly losing hope that there will ever be A medication that helps with our nuero pain. I'm currently taking lyrica 300 mg a day and an oxy or 2 every day with not much relief.

    I'm trying hard to keep my hopes up that something will help but it's getting harder and harder.

    I know scientifically and we are in the early stages so I'm praying someone will find something sooner than later before I completely go off the deep end.
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    I'm not exactly an expert (my husband was injured 10 months ago) , but he had terrible neuro pain and ended up on 450 mg of lyrica and 80 mg of oxycodone per day - works pretty well for him. It was AWFUL until we upped the lyrica to 450 from a lower dose. Do you do a pain clinic / pain management or just go through your PCP? Things went much better when we changed to the pain clinic. You've probably tried more meds already but just in case you haven't .. just sayin

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    Chad takes 900 mg of neurontin (300 in morning, 600 at night) and 60 mg of Oxycontin (20 mg in AM and 40 at night), with 5 mg oxycodone as needed for break through pain. It helps quell the neuro pain mostly. I hope you find relief.... it sounds like you need a higher dose of meds to control the pain?
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