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Thread: freewheel wanted

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    freewheel wanted

    looking for used maybe new freewheel best if it would be in chicago area

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    I'll be showing FreeWheels and FreeWheel Racks as well as my new adapter that allows folding chairs to use FreeWheels at the Abilities Expo in Schaumberg (Chicago area) June 28-30. There are show speacials and free demo's. Pat

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    Freewheel for sale

    I have a freewheel for sale. It is in never used condition. I've had it in my storage unit for a couple years and its been shuffled around a bit and has a couple little nicks in the paint but other than that is in brand new perfect condition. I'm in Portland OR. (503)708-5282

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    Is the FreeWheel still for sale? I'm really interested

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