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Thread: power seat elevator on Permoble M300, reliable?

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    power seat elevator on Permoble M300, reliable?

    Hello Everyone,
    I hope to be getting a Permobil M300 in the near future and was considering the power elevating seat function. Does anyone here have that option on their chair and if so has it been reliable? How old is your chair and how often do you use the function each day? Any idea approximately how much weight it adds to the chair? Thanks!
    Dan G. in CT

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    My wife has a used C400 w a "lowrider" seat elevator, seat pan goes as low as 16" . She only uses pwr chair occasionally but this function has been reliable. Very helpful in transfers.

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    I have had an M300 with and elevating seat for about a year and a half. No problems with it. It has been very useful. I would not want a chair without that feature. I probably use it a dozen times a day to get access to high shelves, closet hangers, etc. I do not know about the additional weight. Because it is electric and not hydraulic it is not a lot.
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    My mother had this on her Permobil C-400 and loved it. She used it multiple times daily...from being able to sit comfortably at the (elevated) breakfast bar with the rest of us, to raising herself when talking with people who were standing so she could look them in the eye, or see exhibits more easily in museums, or see things better when shopping, and to raise the chair and then recline to easily get slid over onto an exam table or Xray table for medical care. It did not impact transfers for her much since we had a ceiling track lift at home, and a mobile travel lift for away from home. Not sure how much weight it adds; the vendor should be able to tell you this. Never had a problem with this feature on the chair in the 4 years she used it.

    Medicare on the other hand would not approve it in spite of these issues, so my parents paid out-of-pocket for that feature of the chair (plus several other features denied by Medicare).


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    A must will use it a lot..I have a c500 and m300..never had a problem..
    Louie Gonzalez
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    I would agree with the other posts that this is a "must have." We have had the elevating seat on two successive Permobil's, the most recent of which is the C300. Just to be able to reach into closets, etc. it makes all the difference. As the SCI nurse said, however, if you are on Medicare, you will have to pay for it yourself. The feature runs about $2500.00 The only "drawback" (if you want to call it that) is that the lift lifts very slowly.

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