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Thread: Any EMC Aevit users

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    Any EMC Aevit users


    I am a new user and have not driven yet and starting training soon.

    From what I hear slow driving will be a breeze, but high speed highway driving is where it get more touchy.

    I thought it would be nice to share experiences and any suggestions with other users.


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    Wow, I've never seen that before. What's your disability? How does it manage spasms or trembling? I've seen a system in Japan, a high quad steered with his head. I'd love to be along for the ride when you took the test to get a drivers license. Of course now days anyone under about 30 has spent so much time playing video games this would be second nature.

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    Depending on your mobility and strength high speeds can be very touchy. On my system at 65 miles an hour I can change lanes by turning the mini wheel only an eighth of an inch. Admittedly, from the time I was spec'd on the system until now; I am sure that I could drive without all the high-tech equipment and zero effort steering. The system is an awesome way to regain a lot of independence. Since I started to drive I run about 95% of my errands alone. I feel by forcing myself to do that my strength and mobility has increased faster than working and working out alone did. Make sure that you have several friends that you can teach to be familiar with the system because you will most definitely have to disengage the drive equipment to do maintenance and miscellaneous stuff.

    Good luck with it!
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