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Thread: Amazing before & after photo of para bodybuilder

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    Amazing before & after photo of para bodybuilder

    Nick Scott is the sh#!. Look at this para bodybuilder's physique before he started lifting weights:

    Nick is one of the most well-known bodybuilders in a wheelchair...and his new foray - ballroom dancing. Read about him (and watch him pose at a competition, including how he can stand up for short amounts of time)
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    Nick Scott is awesome! I started using the Burn Machine that he uses. It's quite the workout and its easy to take when I travel. It provides a nice combo of cardio and strength training. He is pretty active on My husband follows him through there a lot.
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    Too bad he isn't gay.

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    There is a movie on Nick's accident and recovery back to the monster you see now. It is called Perspective and won top documentary in the Arnold Schwarzenegger film fest.

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    What is his level?
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    What is his level?
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    You do know he is not natural. RIGHT.
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    You do know he is not natural. RIGHT.

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    Correct!! its to bad.

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