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Thread: A catheter that helps prevent UTIs

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    My uro called and my Duette samples are in. I'm going to go get the first one installed tomorrow. My latest infection was resistant to all oral ABs so I had to go to my PCP for shots for 5 straight days. It's been a week since the last one and I already feel symptomatic of another. God5 I hope the Duette works!! I'll report back.
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    Definitely let me know! My husband has been using it for about 9 months now and he is noticing that he is feeling a lot better overall as well. He doesn't get tightness, spasms and neuropathy pain as much as he used to. And the biggest thing is....he hasn't been in the hospital in over 6 months!!! I am definitely interested in hearing feedback from anyone who is giving it a try. Hopefully this product will be the answer many of us have been looking for!

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